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Company profile

Blue engages themselves with service provision in the broadest sense from 5 locations.
  • Recruiting, secondment, selecting, and temporary employment in various branches from technical and production to agricultural.
  • Facility services including cleaning of offices, VVA’S, business premises, glass and facade cleaning, pest control.
  • Various webshops, for example, cleaning materials, recourses, and machines 
Everything is dedicated to lessen the load of our clients.


Job Profile

As an industrial cleaning worker at night at our client in Oudenhoorn, you are responsible for cleaning and disinfection work in production departments in the food processing industry.

Our client shuts down the factory every Friday from 7:00 pm to 3:00 am. During this period, a team of + – 30 people will come to the factory to clean everything.

You will keep yourself occupied with various machines and workspaces where you will use high- and low-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, and scrubber dryers. dryers. The machines will also need to be cleaned by hands.

You will work from Monday till Friday from 6:00 till 14:30.


Job Demands

  • You have relevant work experience
  • You are motivated to work
  • You live near or in the region of Oudenhoorn
  • You have your own means of transportation (plus)


Our Offer

The Blue Group gives you a complete offer, a fitting salary in a position within the company, and therefore a chance of long-term work. Personal attention and guidance are what you can expect of Blue Group. Besides, there are other training opportunities at Blue.
Are you excited? And you want to work as a industrial cleaner in Oudenhoorn? Apply now through the application form below. We look forward to your response!



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