Facility Management for real estate and VVE’S

The Blue Groep is a partner for diverse real estate organizations and VVE’S. With competent staff, we keep facades and parking decks clean, offer breakdown service for elevators, and have a 24/7 calamity service for storms, fire, and water damage.

Cleaning porches

The public areas, stairwells, and elevators of various complexes are periodically cleaned by the Blue Group.

Window cleaning

Glass is more than just a material. It provides insights and light. Glass is the hallway between the inside and outside. Clean windows are the precondition for this.

Parking decks

We maintain the parking decks for various complexes. The parking deck is periodically cleaned so that everything looks clean and tidy.


The Blue Group is responsible for landscaping in public areas, parking spaces, owner-occupied or rental homes.

Technical maintenance

A caretaker via the Blue group has many advantages. Think of the right knowledge, experience, replacement during illness and holidays, and an organization that both you as a customer and the caretaker can rely upon.

Calamity service

For all professional clients such as housing corporations, companies, schools, care institutions, municipalities, and VVE's, our enthusiastic emergency workers are available at all times should emergencies or calamities arise.

Property Maintenance

A different vision on real estate maintenance

As a real estate agent, VVE, housing corporation, or property manager, you would like to keep your property clean and well maintained. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly how we can best serve you in the field of cleaning & glass, and facade cleaning. At the same time, we act as a supervisor who signals and reports damage to your property. That can save you quite a lot of money!.

Optimal relief

If you manage multiple buildings, you cannot check every building weekly. Then it is good to know that Van Loenen Facility Services does this. During our cleaning and maintenance work, we keep a regular eye on your buildings.

In addition to regular cleaning, we can empty and inspect gutters. If our employees identify a problem, we will notify you immediately so that you can take action. You can count on us to carry out minor repairs right away, so the superintendent does not have to be called in again for every small item. “We immediately take small repairs to your property with us, so we save time and costs.”

Maintenance work

You can contact the Blue Groep for:

  • Cleaning/maintenance stairwells
  • Cleaning/maintenance porches
  • Cleaning/maintenance galleries
  • Window washing
  • Floor maintenance
  • Technical maintenance
  • Painting work
  • Maintenance of paving around an object
  • Maintenance of landscaping
  • Emergency service (for fire, storms, and water damage, among other things)

These are just a few of the activities that we can take care of for you. Everything is possible in consultation.

Tailor made property maintenance

Together with our property manager, you determine which cleaning and maintenance work you want our fixed employees to carry out. This involves both regular and additional work. You can think of cleaning tile walls and periodic maintenance of window frames. Of course, we regularly check whether everything is as desired.

We are happy to help you professionally

Cleaning porches

The Blue Groep is a specialist in cleaning and maintaining porches. The public spaces, stairwells, and elevators off diverse complexes will be cleaned by the Blue Groep periodically. Additionally, the Blue Groep has the flexibility and manpower to realize an unexpected interim cleaning, regardless of the cause, quickly.

Tip: Request a no-obligation quote for your object.



Window cleaning

Glass is the corridor between the inside and outside. Clean windows are the most important precondition.

The Blue Groep specializes in window cleaning and uses osmosis water for this purpose. Osmosis water is from which contaminants such as bacteria, lime, chlorine, salts, and metals have been removed so that when the drops dry, no traces remain on your window.

We own diverse aerial platforms and window washing systems. We have tens of mobile units with tucker poles and high-pressure systems.



Parking Decks

Residents like to live in a clean and well-maintained complex. It is crucial to keep the complex tidy and livable. The Blue Groep can help you with this. From periodic cleaning, replacing lamps, painting the floor and walls so that everything looks tidy. A clean, well-lit parking deck that is well painted is highly appreciated by the residents.



Technical maintenance

A door handle that no longer functions, a water crane that continuous to drip annoyingly, a window that does not close well, lighting that functions partly, central heating that keeps turning off. You know it, little defects with big annoyances. Annoyances that we quickly and adequately remove for you. The Blue Groep has specialized professionals that will solve the problem quickly and adequately.

A caretaker through the Blue Groep has many advantages. Think about the right knowledge and experience, replacement with illness, holidays, and an organization where you and the client can fall back on.

A caretaker through the Blue Groep can work fulltime, parttime, or temporary.



The Blue Groep is responsible for landscaping such as: public spaces, parking decks, houses, or apartments for sale or rent. The green areas are periodically maintained, litter removed, hedges and shrubs pruned or replanted. Paths are also being constructed or repaved. The Blue Groep provides a green and clean environment.



Calamity service

For all professional contractors, such as housing associations, companies, schools, healthcare institutions, municipalities, and VVE’S, our calamity service employees are ready at all times should calamities or emergencies occur.

The following calamity’s we solve quickly, adequately, and professionally:

  • Elevator faillures
  • Flooding
  • Burglary
  • Odor nuisance
  • Pest control
  • Dust explosions
  • Snowed in

Over 80 employees have the necessary knowledge and certificates to provide you with the best possible service. Especially in emergency cases, it is nice if you can rely on a company that knows what they do.

One Phone call

Because we are available 24/7, we can act quickly. One phone call is enough to get our service equipment to work. We immediately carry out all activities to allow you to work or live in your familiar environment as soon as possible.

We like to help you professionally

Please contact us directly. So call us immediately in the event of a calamity. This way you are assured that your house, building, or office building will quickly return to a 100% safe and tidy condition.


Fire damage

Make your house or apartment livable again.

Fire can cause massive damage to your home or apartment without it being your fault and can happen suddenly. Because of that Van Loenen facility is ready to assist you with fire damage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  You can reach our help simply, and quickly by calling our service desk on 015-212-01-44.

Working methods with fire damage

After damage due to fire, our specialists work very carefully. They use various modern devices to determine the damage and to seal up your building or home if necessary. Cleaning and tidying up the building is also part of the activities. In this way, the building or your house can be quickly put back into use.

“We do everything we can to ensure that your house or building can be                      used again quickly.”

What should you do in case of fire damage?

The Blue Groep has more than 80 cleaners ready for you. In the region of Den Haag, we offer a complete cleaning service to companies, institutions, corporations, and VVE. We are happy to help you professionally. Contact us directly.

Storm damage

Fast and effective cleaning service

Storm damage to your home or property is very annoying. Especially when roof tiles are blown off the roof and you continue to run the risk of serious leaks. Van Loenen Facility Services understands this and is therefore available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing appropriate cleaning services in the event of storm damage.

Procedure in case of storm damage

Every claim deserves an approach that fits the situation. Different procedures apply to a fallen tree than to blown roof tiles. We seal up your home to ensure that you do not suffer from leaks or the wind. Besides, we ensure that the damage suffered is neatly cleaned up so that your house or building is clean again. To be able to provide you with an efficient and fast service, we only use the most modern cleaning equipment.

‘’Only when your house or apartment is in order and you are satisfied, will we leave.’’

What should you do in case of storm damage?

 The Blue Groep has more than 80 cleaners ready for you. In the region of Den Haag, we offer a complete cleaning service to companies, institutions, corporations, and VVE’S. We are happy to help you professionally. Contact us directly!

Water damage

Drain the water quickly and prevent leaks

With severe rain or flooding, your house or apartment can get severely damaged. In cases such as water damage, you can reach out to Van Loenen Facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to repair the damage.

Just one phone call to 015-2120144 is enough to get our service equipment to work.

Working method with water damage

Before the actual damage can be determined and cleaned up, the water present must be pumped away. We have various machines with different capacities that can be used.

“Our professionals will make sure that your house or apartment will be livable again’’

After pumping the water away, the big vents will dry the room, or rooms, so that the damage can be cleaned. We will look together with you per claim to see how big the vent has to be to get your room back in the old state.

What must you do in case of water damage?

The Blue Groep has more than 80 cleaners ready for you. In the region of Den Haag, we offer a complete cleaning service to companies, institutions, corporations, and VVE’S. We are happy to help you professionally. Contact us directly!



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