ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Quality management and Environmental management

ISO 9001 and14001 are important standards to our management system. ISO 9001 sets standards for the quality management system. ISO 14001 sets standards to the environmental management system.

Good quality management means: say what you do, do what you say, and prove it. The ISO 9001 certificate is our proof. With an environmental care system according to the ISO 14001 standard, we control the environmental risks from what our company does.


Safety, health, and environmental checklist for contractors

VCA stands for the words safety, health, and milieu checklist for contractors. The answer to the questions “what is VCA?” has a simple answer because the VCA was created to improve the safety on, and around the workplace. The VCA makes the employees aware of the dangers around them, besides a VCA certificate indicates that the company suffices to the safety demands with the employees knowing what the safety rules are.



Safety, health, and environmental checklist employment agencies

VCU stands for the words safety, health and environmental checklist employment agencies. The VCU is meant to make the workers from the employment agencies carry out those risky activities but allow them to work safely, and healthy. The VCU is meant for employment agencies that find it important that the workers that they send out to work in a safe and healthy environment at their contractors. The employment agencies will send their workers to VCA- or VCO-certified companies and contractors that demand a VCA.


NEN 4400-1

SNA quality mark

The NEN 4400 is a certificate from which organizations can show that they have their financials up to the national norm. The purpose of the NEN 4400 certificate is to lessen the risk of clients getting fines from the tax authorities. The NEN 4400-1 certificate is a demand for employment agencies to acquire the VCU certificate.



CLA for temporary employment agencies

The ABU-CAO is the CAO that applies to employment agencies. When you are a worker send by an employment agency you fall under the CAO of the hirer, or the ABU-CAO that is for people send by employment agencies. ABU stands for the words general union temporary employment agencies, most of the employment agencies are a member of ABU in the Netherlands.



Foundation labor standards

SNA stands for the words foundation labor standards and issues the SNA quality mark to companies that meet the requirements of the SNA scheme and the associated standards. The foundation was created based on the government‘s wish to promote self-regulation in the temporary employment sector by utilizing a transparent system. The result was the introduction of the SNA quality mark and the associated standards for companies that make staff available or hire



Quality mark cleaning is a profession

SIEV advances the cooperation between cleaning companies and their contractors they keep themselves busy with responsible square meter cleaning standards and guarantees, which stands for working according to the Code of Responsible Market behavior, making use of the right RI&E and use this for all cleaning jobs and comply with all cleaning CAO. For these parts, the independent SIEV quality mark was created. With this quality mark, we show Blue Groep that we do not only comply with the standards lawfully and fiscally but also that we give positive attention to our employees.



Quality mark pest control for companies

If you have a pest control management company, are a farmer, or has started a company after January 1st, 2017 that wants to use anticoagulants on buildings and food storage places, you will have to get a certificate as a company according to the most recent version of the Certification schedule IPM Rat control. The people who use those pest control products, such as pest technicians or farmers, need to have a professional competence certificate to work with the most recent version of the Manual of Control of Rat Population for buildings and food storage places. The government has decided that this is done through the CTGB through the legal requirements.


Knowledge and Advice Centre Animal Pests.

The Knowledge and Advice Centre Animal Pests (KAD) offers support to pest controllers when they have problems with combating the pest, or if they want to raise the quality of their service, the KAD will give fitting advice.

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