Facility services for governments

The Blue Groep provides facility services for various governmental institutions, such as municipalities and Rijkswaterstaat. Think of cleaning beaches, shopping centers, removing chewing gum, or combating slipperiness.

Public spaces

The Blue Group is used by municipalities and retailers to keep shopping centers, public spaces, and parks clean.

Cleaning beaches

The Blue Group ensures that the Westland beaches are cleaned daily.

Slipperiness prevention

Before dawn, the Blue Group takes action with spreading and other material to make the roads quickly accessible and safe again.

Gum removal

Pollution of public areas by chewing gum is thoroughly and adequately dealt with by the Blue Group.

Cleaning of public areas

Shopping centers, public spaces, and parks suffer from pollution and full waste bins. Retailers naturally appreciate a clean shopping center with a representative appearance. Public areas and a green park full of litter are also not how they should be.

After all, what is important to everyone? A clean and pleasant environment where everyone feels comfortable. The Blue Groep is used by various shopping centers to keep public areas clean.

Tip: Request a no-obligation quote for your object.


Cleaning Beaches

During the season, we take action after the departure of the day-trippers and clean the beach off Westland.

With a team of employees and the usage of large equipment such as shovels and beach cleaners, pollution is tackled, and the beach is in perfect condition. Public waste bins are emptied and provided with new plastic bags. Parking lots and entrances to the beach are swept and the beach itself is treated in its entirety so that all pollution, including under the sand, is collected and removed.

The beach will also be visited by recreationists out of season. We will ensure a clean beach during that period. 7 days per week. All-year-round.



Slipperiness prevention

You often do not think about it, but before you leave for your daily work, the roads are often free of ice and snow. The Blue Groep is also specialized in this. Before dawn, we take action with spreading and other material to make the roads quickly accessible and safe again.

Outside the municipal and provincial roads we are responsible for the parking spaces at specific companies, and important areas at hospitals. For this service, we are always ready, during the day and night 7 days a week.


Gum Removal

What is public enemy number 1 in city centers and public areas? Right. Gum. Because, who wants to arrive at their home with such nasty sticky stuff under their shoe, which can stick to your carpet. Nobody.

That is where we come in to prevent that. Because, this pollution needs to be handled thoroughly and adequately by the Blue Groep.



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