The Blue Group is expanding at the Comphaan

10 August 2020

A few more green strips of beautiful trees around the business park and De Comphaan are ready. The business location De Comphaan has been developed in Rijswijk, on the outskirts of Delft. The Comphaan consists of a total of 72 units, which have been developed in 4 phases. The units at De Comphaan accommodate various regional entrepreneurs, and the Blue Group is also a proud owner of a new unit on the already lively business park.

Currently, both a full office and a warehouse are being set up by Blue, to which part of our back-office expansion will be relocated. Our head office is located at Heulweg 25 in Rijswijk (business park Plaspoelpolder) and both locations are less than a 3-minute drive from each other. A welcome and practical asset!

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