Social return

Work-worthy, decent work for everyone

Network for people with a distance to the labor market

Work worthy is the MVO platform in Delft, Rijswijk, and its surroundings. The network is committed to people who need extra support to find their place in the labor market. Work worthy creates connections among the partners, and among partners that have job seekers. Important elements here are sharing knowledge, doing business, and having fun.

During events and workshops, they will meet each other around the ‘P’ of people as part of Social Responsible Entrepreneuring. Work worthy stands for full-fledged work for everyone. Participating organizations prove that social and successful business goes well together.

The network consists of renowned employers. In a setting of high-end B2B, we meet within this platform, always in the role of the employer. MVO is in all the capillaries of the network, it is the connecting factor. And incidentally, the foundation is fully financed by the affiliated founders and partners.

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